Chemistry Analizer & Spectrophotometer Lamps

DN-26014 705-0840 12V 20W Halogen Light bulb assembly Hitachi Chemistry analyzer Replacement Lamp with Wire Leads

Item No.: DN-26014
Order code: DN-26014
Reference Code: HITACHI 409079 705-0840
Volts (V): 12
Watts (W): 20
Lumens (Lm): 350
Color Temp. (K): 3150
Filament Type: C-6
Base Type: Special (Wire Leads)
LCL (mm): 27
M.O.L (mm): 38
Bulb Type: T2.5
Ave. Life

DONAR DN-26014 P/N 705-0840 12V 20W wire Leads with ring connectors replacement Lamp Assembly is the ideal light source with desired UV spectrum for Hitachi auto bio-chemistry analyzer model 7040、7050、7140、7150、7250、7350、7450、7060、7070、7170、7170S、7020、760